For having a good time with our cat.

Please accept these terms for enjoying our cat cafe.

If you do not agree to these terms, please refrain from using our cafe.



1. First of all, please sterilize your both hands by provided alcohol.


2. Please do not bring your own cat and other animals.


3. Please do not bring foods and drinks.


4. No smoking within cafe.


5. Please do not awake sleeping cats, do not attempt to pick up cats and refrain from doing what cats hate.


6. Please do not run around cafe and do not scream loudly.


7. In the case our cats inflict damages upon guests, we give guests first aid for wounds,

     but we do not compensate for any damages.


8. Those who have an allergic to cats, please make sure to be fully aware of your own medical requirements.

    If guests have a reaction, we can not give you any medical treatments.

   We provide masks. You can also evacuate to outside and take rest for a while.


9. Please do not use the flash light for taking pictures.  Their eyes are very very delicate.


10. Your own toys are welcomed, but only brand-new one is available.


11. Please refrain from bringing the cat foods, snacks and silvervines.


12. Those who do not follow us and our terms, we can decline entering our cafe.


13. Children(*1) must be supervised by adults when play with cats.

      Children may be cautioned by cafe staffs.  Please understand it.

      (It is possible to make leave cafe out for Children who never listen our warnings.)


14. A web camera is installed in cafe for distributing daily life of cats.

     (A fixed image.  Single flame at every 30 seconds.)



*1  Age of child


・Children under 5 years are not allowed to use our cafe, even if accompanied by their parents.


・Preschool children are 30 minutes maximum for using.


・All children before junior high school must be supervised by their parents.